Aikido Ryu: Ando Shihan Seminar

At Ryu Honbu Dojo recently, our training has been focused strongly on maai, and on controlling the distance between yourself and uke.  Ando Sensei has been explaining the concept and the importance of maai using various metaphors.  For example, a castle is protected by the moat around it; the Earth is protected by the ozone around it.  In the same way, we need to create and control a space around us that protects us and allows us to lead our partner where we want them to be.  Ando Sensei recently taught this concept and how to apply it at a seminar on the 2nd of April, hosted by the Chiba Prefecture Yoshinkan Aikido Federation.

You can see those videos below.

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① Kokyunage

② Shomen iriminage

③ Sokumen Iriminage