• April

      ⚫︎ Saturday the 16th & Sunday the 17th:  Spring Tests

  • May

        ⚫︎ Monday the 6th – Thursday the 5th: Golden Week Holiday

  • June


  • July

    ⚫︎Saturday the 16th & Sunday the 17th: Summer Tests
    ⚫︎Sunday the 31st – Saturday the 6th of August: Summer Training

  • August

    ⚫︎ Thursday the11th – Wednesday the 17th: Summer Holiday

  • September

    ⚫︎ Friday the 23rd: Yoshinkan Aikido Soryu Annual Demonstration

  • October

    ⚫︎ Saturday the 15th: All Japan Yoshinkan Aikido Annual Demonstration

  • November

    ⚫︎ Saturday the 19th: Yoshinkan Aikido Koryukan Tests and Seminar

    ⚫︎   Sunday the 20th:   Yoshinkan Aikido Kairyukan Annual Demonstration 

  • ⚫︎ Saturday the 17th & Sunday the 18th: Winter Tests

    ⚫︎ Saturday the 24th: Ryu Dojo Big Clean

    ⚫︎ Sunday the 25th – Thursday the 5th Of January: Winter Holiday

    ⚫︎ Saturday the 31st – New Year’s Midnight Training

  • January 2023

    ⚫︎ Friday the 6th: First Day of Training

    ⚫︎ Monday the 9th: Ryu New Year Seminar; Kagamibiraki and New Year Party

    ⚫︎ Sunday the 29th-Saturday the 4th of February: Winter Traininig

  • February

    ⚫︎ Saturday the 11th:  General Training Seminar

  • March

    ⚫︎ Saturday the 18th & Sunday the 19th: Spring Tests
    ⚫︎ Sunday the 26th: Chiba Prefecture Yoshinkan Aikido Federation Tests and Seminar

*Please note that dates may be subject to change.