Before joining, we recommend that you first watch or try a class. After that, your instructor or dojo staff will take you through the application process. Upon completion of the application process, you will be issued with a membership card and your training uniform. Please bring the membership card with you when you attend training as attendance will be stamped in the card.


¥5,500 (Incl. tax)Monthly Membership Fees

  • Entrance Fee ¥2,200(Incl. tax)
  • Yearly Fee ¥2,000(Incl. tax)
  • Training twice a week


¥7,700 (Incl. tax)Monthly Membership Fees

  • Entrance fee ¥2,200 (Incl. tax)
  • Yearly fee ¥4,000 (Incl. tax)
  • Unlimited training, every day excluding Mondays and public holidays.


Ryu Headquarters Dojo
2-1-25 Kairaku Urayasu Chiba
+81 47-355-7140


Q. What do I need to bring with me when I apply for membership?
A. You will need a signed and completed application form (you can complete an online application form here.)

Q. How are my monthly membership fees paid?
A. Monthly membership fees are automatically withdrawn from your bank account. On applying for membership, you will fill in a bank form authorizing this withdrawal.  Please click here for instructions on how to fill in that form.

Q. What is the initial down payment for membership?
A. The initial payment consists of:
1. The joining fee
2. The first month’s membership fees
3. The yearly fee
4. Sports insurance and
5. The cost of your training uniform.

This payment can be made in cash or by credit card.

Q. What happens if I can’t attend training for an extended period for any reason?
A. If you need to take an extended break from training, you can switch to a resting membership. In this case, a monthly fee of ¥1,000 (plus tax) will be charged.  You will need to fill out a form requesting to change your membership to resting membership.  Please email us to request the application form.

Q. Can I attend training at any other dojos or clubs apart from Ryu Headquarters Dojo or attend classes outside my regular membership?
A. Yes. Ryu Headquarters Dojo and Urayasu Branch members are entitled to attend training at any of the affiliated dojos in the Ryu All Japan Aikido Federation or the Ryu World Aikido Federation. A visitors’ fee may be charged.

Q. What if I want to change my regular class or switch to a different membership?
A. You can change your membership at any time. In this case, a processing fee of ¥500 will be charged.  Please email us to request the application form in order to switch membership.