Koryukan Inzai Branch

DOJO NAME Koryukan Inzai Branch 
ADDRESS 1-3 Takabana, Inzai City, Chiba
PLACE Inzai City Funao Junior High School Judojo
INSTRUCTOR Katagiri, Misato
CLOSEST STATION From Chiba New Town Chuo Station on the Hokuso Railway, take the Rainbow Bus on the Takabana Line and get off at Funao Junior High School.
TEL 047-779-4016
COMMENT Katagiri Sensei believes that if you aren’t having fun, you won’t learn!  He strives to make his classes as enjoyable as possible for everyone.
CLASS 1 Kids class (Thurs) 18:30-19:20
CLASS 2 Adults class(Thurs)19:30-20:30
MEMBERSHIP FEES Entrance fee ¥2,000
Yearly fee Kids:¥1,000 Adults:¥2,500
Monthly fee Kids:¥4,000 Adults:¥4,500
Sports Insurance Kids:¥800 Adults:¥1,850