Koga Culture Center

DOJO NAME Koga Culture Center 
ADDRESS Koga Aeon 2nd floor, 1-2-17 Asahicho, Koga City, Ibaraki
PLACE Koga Culture Center
INSTRUCTOR Takada, Kiyohiro
CLOSEST STATION 15 minutes from Koga Station on the JR Utsunomiya Line.
TEL 0280-31-6011(Furukawa Culture Center)
COMMENT The first Yoshinkan Aikido dojo in Ibaraki Prefecture!  Classes focus on details.
CLASS1 Ladies Class(Fridays)16:20-17:20
CLASS 2 Kids Class(Fridays)17:25-18:25
CLASS 3 Adults Class (Fridays)19:35-20:35
MEMBERSHIP FEES Entrance fee ¥5,400
Monthly fee Kids:¥5,940   Adults:¥7,128


ADDRESS 2528 Shimaoono, Koga City, Ibaraki
PLACE Koga City Central Sports Park Gymnasium Dojo
INSTRUCTOR Shimizu, Akiyoshi
CLOSEST STATION Take a bus from Furukawa Station on the JR Utsunomiya Line and get off at Sowa Junior High School.
TEL 090-6144-7286 (Takada)
COMMENT A class aimed at beginners and taught in detail.
CLASS1 Kids class (Tuesdays)17:00-18:00
CLASS 2 Adults class(Tuesdays)18:00-19:00
MEMBERSHIP FEES ¥500/ per hour (students also contribute equal amounts to the cost of renting the dojo.)