Yoshinkan Aikido Meiryukan Fukiage

NAME Yoshinkan Aikido Meiryukan Fukiage 
ADDRESS 636-1 Meiyou, Konosu City, Saitama Prefecture
LOCATION Cosmos Arena Fukiage
INSTRUCTOR Dawes, Jim / Saito, Kazushi
CLOSEST STATION 30 minute walk from Fukiage Station South Exit on the JR Takasaki Line (10 minute by taxi from the North Exit.)
CONTACT 080-1315-7314(Saito)


CLASS FEATURES A friendly class with people who are passionate about aikido.
CLASS1 Kids and adults class(Thurs)19:30-20:45
CLASS2 Kids class(Sat)14:20-15:20
CLASS3 Adults Basic Class(Sat)15:30-16:30
CLASS4 Adults 3rd kyu and above(Sat)16:40-17:40
MEMBERSHIP FEES Entrance fee: ¥2,000
Yearly membership fee: Junior high school above ¥3,200Elementary school students:¥2,200
Monthly membership fee: Adults(Junior high school and above) ¥4,500 Kids(Elementary school students and below)¥3,500

Konosu Culture Center

NAME Konosu Culture Center 
ADDRESS Unix Konosu 2F, 225-1 Kita Shinjuku, Konosu City, Saitama Prefecture
LOCATION Unix Culture Center Konosu
CLOSEST STATION 5 minute walk from Gyoda Station on the JR Takasaki Line.
CONTACT 048-547-0911(Unix Culture Center Konosu)
CLASS FEATURES One of the few places in the area where you can study Yoshinkan Aikido in a class with a focus on etiquette.
CLASS1 Kids class(Thurs)16:40-17:40
CLASS2 Kids class(Thurs)17:50-18:50
CLASS3 Adults class(Thurs)19:10-20:10
MEMBERSHIP FEES Entrance fee: ¥5,000+tax
Yearly membership fee: Kids ¥1,000Adults(Junior High School and above)¥2,000
Monthly membership fee: Kids ¥5000+tax Adults ¥6,000+tax