• Accommodation at Ryu House is for those wishing to study aikido and is not available for any other purpose. Live-in students will make aikido training their first priority.
  • Students staying at Ryu House for the first time are required to submit a letter of recommendation from their aikido teacher.
    Thereafter, students are required to inform their teacher of their visit to Ryu Dojo.
  • Students who wish to test during their stay at Ryu Dojo must have the written permission of their aikido teacher.
  • Students staying at Ryu House are expected to attend the 6 am training class (Tuesday to Friday). Thereafter, they can decide their training schedule after discussion with Ando Sensei and the Ryu staff. Students must also submit an itinerary of their stay in Japan. Please inform us in advance of any travel or sightseeing plans that you have and of which days you will be away from the dojo.
    Please note that if you will be away from the dojo overnight, you will need to first check out of the dojo and take all your belongings with you or you will still be charged for the night.
  • Curfew is at 10:30 pm and lights-out at 11:00 pm. Please discuss with the Ryu staff if you have plans and will not be able to make curfew. Please be considerate of the neighbours and keep noise levels down.
    帰宅は夜 10 時 30 分までに、消灯は 11 時までです。もし、遅くなるようでしたら前も ってお知らせ下さい。近隣に迷惑をかけないようにお願いします。 
  • All appliances (excluding the phone) and dishes etc can be used provided you use them with respect. Please conserve electricity and switch all lights and appliances off if you go out or when you are not in the room during training. If you are unsure about how any of the appliances work, please ask Ryu staff to explain before using any of them. Ryu staff will supply the security password to connect to the Wi Fi.
    龍ハウスの設備は、電話以外は自由に使ってかまいませんか、丁寧にお使いください。 電気の節約を心掛けてください。全ての電気器具及ひ部屋の灯りは、外出や稽古で部屋 を空ける際に必ず消してください。もし使い方が分からない場合は、龍スタッフに聞いて下さい。もし自分のパソコンをお持ち の場合は、龍スタッフにセキュリティーキー を聞いて下さい。 
  • Please clean up after yourself and take care of the overall cleanliness of the apartment. Futons, pillows and blankets should be folded away soon after waking up. Long-term visitors should place their bedding outside to air when possible. Ryu staff will explain your cleaning duties and please see the cleaning schedule on the notice board. 掃除をしてきれいに使って下さい。起床後はすぐに布団をしまって下さい。長期滞在者 は、可能な限り布団を外に干してください。掃除のことは 龍スタッフか説明しますの で、掲示板の掃除当番表を見ておいてください。 
  • All burnable and non-burnable garbage along with recycling (PET bottles; cans and glass) must be put outside in the correct dustbins (yellow for burnable garbage; blue for recycling) before 8:00 am on the correct days (Mondays; Wednesdays and Fridays for burnable garbage and Thursdays for non-burnable garbage and recycling.) Please ask if you are unsure about properly separating the garbage. 燃えるゴミ、燃えないゴミを分けて下さい。月・水・金は燃えるゴミ、木は燃えないゴミ、朝の 8 時前に外のゴミ箱に出して下さい。もし、分け方が分からない場合は、龍ス タッフに聞いて下さい。
    •Please inform Ryu staff promptly of any breakages or damage in or to the property of the apartment. Depending on the item and the extent of the damage we may require reimbursement.
    何か破損させた場は直ちに龍スタッフに報告して下さい。物によっては弁償して頂く場 合もあります。 
  • No smoking or excessive drinking is allowed in the apartment. No friends or visitors to the apartment are allowed without first discussing it with Ryu staff. タハコはタメです、お酒は飲みすきないように。龍ハウスの使用は合宿者だけです。龍 スタッフに予め報告していない訪問者は受け入れられません。 
  • 稽古中における病気、怪我、不慮の事故に関して、 当会は、一切責任を負いかねます。
    Ryu Dojo cannot be held responsible for any illness, injury, theft or losses incurred.
  • Abide by the laws of Japan including the Criminal Code and the Human Rights Code.